Creating a new kind of gin experience

We believe in creating Divine experiences that are beyond physical. We revel in the wonder of the invisible, crafting a gin that exists in a place between science and art. Our home is in Queensland’s premier wine region – the Granite Belt. It’s where we blend only the finest Australian botanicals with the mastery of cold vacuum distillation, unlocking deeper, more refined flavours that traditional methods can’t reach.


Why we use cold distillation

We’ve chosen to use the fascinating science of distilling with a Rotary Evaporator (or Rotovap). This cold distillation process allows us to boil botanicals at lower temperatures than traditional high heat distilling methods. Heat causes faster and more significant breakdowns of flavour.

Cold distilling maintains the high-fidelity flavours without compromising flavour and spirit strength, yielding rich and clean-tasting small-batch gins. Proudly Australian, the combination of this innovative process with native botanicals make Diviners like no other gin in the world.


Our mission

We’re on a mission to expand on the gin experience. To create new and genuinely divine moments with art, design, and music, along with new and inventive ways to amplify the experience and flavours of each gin.

To prove that the alchemy of the perfect gin does not end when the stopper goes in the bottle - that the transportive, transformational powers that a beautiful moment can instil are at the heart of everything we do. Believing that the true expression of our work does not occur until it’s enjoyed by someone else.


Revel in the surreal sensations

When we say we’re distilling in the space between science and art, we mean it! At first glance there’s no mistaking bottle and label design are an interactive visual and tactile work of art. The striking cut-out label design, vision of Creative Director, Matty McMullen plays with perception, drawing the eye inwards to reveal the intricate surreal illustrations of US artist Olivia Knapp etched onto each bottle, to create an interactive diorama effect.

These surreal creatures, all imbued with strange beauty and humour, are Olivia’s incredible contribution to our oeuvre and were brought to life by Hasselblad Heroine photographer Andrea Zvadova and Secret Cinema designer Mika Handley, in a shoot that was chosen to feature in British Vogue.

The perfect gin experience engages the five senses, and sound (and music) is no small part of that. That’s why we teamed up with MF Tomlinson, a critically acclaimed recording artist, to compose bespoke musical pieces and curate playlists designed to bring out the hidden depths.

We’ve got so much more in store for you! We’d like to invite you to #experiencethedivine with us.