Small Batch. Cold Distilled.

House Gin - Navy Strength


58% ABV

To be classified as a navy strength gin, the alcohol content needs to be more than 57.15%. Way back when, there was a practical reason for the high alcohol content as the barrels of gin were stored with gunpowder. To ensure the gunpowder would still ignite if it became soaked with gin, it was necessary for the alcohol strength of the gin to be greater than 57.15%. To pass the alcohol potency test, spirit was poured onto gunpowder and if the gun powder ignited, it was proof of a significantly high alcohol content.

Diviners Distillery House Gin - Navy Strength has been crafted to 58% alcohol by volume.

In the spirit of tradition, ingredients are limited to Juniper, Coriander, Angelica and Orris root.

As with all our gins, low pressure, low temperature distillation is performed using Rotovap Technology. The distillation flask temperature is maintained at 40⁰C.

To enhance its natural sweetness, some of the Juniper has been pre-treated using a sous vide technique. Additionally, coriander seed citrus flavours and sweetness have been enhanced by making a hydrosol, which is used to cut the spirit obtained from the Rotovap.

House Gin - Navy Strength